Audi Oakville

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Audi Oakville Employees
The Service Team at Audi Oakville
The Sales Team at Audi Oakville
Shane Segal
Sales Associate
Brad Gallagher
Sales Associate
Denley Phillip
Sales Associate
Daniel Koz
Sales Associate
Manvir Sahota
Sales Associate
Raj Randhawa
Sales Manager
Federico Lucius
Used car manager
Damon Pearce
Retention Program Coordinator
Eric Agyare
Parts manager
Tim Johnston
Service Manager
Chen Hsieh
Sales Associate
Tanya Feudo
Sales Administration
Serge Sotoadeh
Robin McCallum
Department Manager
Laura Cherwaiko
Sales Receptionist
Caroline Wicherkiewicz
Greeter /Receptionist
Travis Young
Sales Associate
Josh Pogue
Jo-Anne Theron
Corporate Fleet Manager
John Kamp
Parts and Service Manager
Melissa Curtis
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