Published 9 months ago

Mixed feelings

The finance office was wounderful to deal with and will always be happy with that. Unfortunately when the sales person I felt with did seem to happy to have my business. When I left the lot with my truck I was made aware that my mud flaps where falling off and told that because I am handy I could fix it. Well the fix is 180 dollars to replace the. Also I asked in the deal to have a full tank of fuel and to have the batteries replaced in the key fob to ensure the remote start work and that did not happen. I had to chace down my own fuel chit to get it done, and I was given the numbers of what batteries where in the fob. Needless to say I had to figure out if the remote start actually worked after I bought the truck. This was my third vehicle purchased at that dealer and I think I will now stick to only buying new as the sales on that end is better prepared to handle my business.

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