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Car sale

I purchased my car at that car place in April 2017, and have had nothing but problems since. We have resorted to fixing many of the problems ourselves, as they told us there’s nothin they can do. Within a month of having the vehicle we’ve put thousands of dollars in the vehicle after being told it had a safety inspection. We bought the car for our 3 kids and the safety problems we’ve had to deal with are unbelievable. We haven’t had air conditioning in the vehicle as the pump was broken and were told that it would be fixed. We’re now being told that because it wasn’t on the bill of sale they will do nothing for us. I will never purchase a vehicle from that car place in the future. Very unsatisfied with the service we have received with this vehicle!
TCP Customer Service
Hi Kiala, We apologize you did not have a positive experience, we at That Car Place work diligently to ensure our customers are satisfied. All our vehicles undergo intensive safety inspections and our minimum standards exceed the ministry standards. The safety would have been done and included all required repairs were met at the time of sale and if you felt the safety components of your vehicle were not, we would have wished to hear from you in those regards. As per Bill of Sale, where it was signed, it indicates we do not warranty Air Conditioning whatsoever, as they can stop working at anytime, whether its 1 month or 2 years, however, every vehicle equipped with Air Conditioning leaves working. According to your review, the vehicle was purchased over a year ago, and you are expressing your concerns now. We offer quality vehicles, however they are only machines and issues can arise, even in brand new vehicles. Regards of any situation, we always offer a fair deal to accommodate you even if the concerns are not covered or warrantied. If there is anything we can do to better the situation please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 519-686-7253. Thank you

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