Published 9 months ago

Rude staff.. no manager around., no common sense.

We have rented from discount many times. We usually rent at keele and 7.. people there are great. we drive 48 to 50 km to pick up goods for our bsiness, we always bring back gas tank how we find it. we put in about 10 litres of gas Each time return.. this trip we went 57 km insted of the usual 50 km.. so this tim we put in 15 litres..when we returned the truck. The rude person who checked us in advised the fuel was low, the gauge was showing almost full.. I explained that we only went 57 km and the gauge must be stuck.. as we put in 15 litres. she didn’t want to here anything about that.. we left and went to te gas statn we put in another 15 litres!! total of 30 litre!! for 57 kms!! no mnager was available! next call I make will be to the ministry of consumer and commercial relations and to weights and meaure Canada. I assume discount doesnt intentionally rip peple off, but can they hire people with common sense?? obviously something wrong with the gas gauge!!
Customer Care at Discount Car and Truck Rentals
Dear Sir/Madam, We thank you for your feedback. We regret the inconvenience that you have experienced, in regards to your Reservation would like to assure you that we do take matters such as this seriously. The Management and Operations team have been notified. For further assistance in this regard, kindly provide us with your contact information, email address and/or phone number and your Rental Agreement or Reservation number to Sincerely, Customer Care Discount Car and Truck Rentals

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