Published 6 months ago

Awful experience with recalls

Birchwood BMW charged me $804 for something that was under recall. After calling multiple times throughout the day after dropping my car off wondering if it will be done today so I can manage my schedule I just kept getting redirected by the front desk to the service department and the service department would just go to voicemail and I left 3 messages to call me back and when I did get a call back I couldn't answer it and they didn't even leave me a voicemail very very disorganized I would say. They replaced Blow by heater recall and VEH has blower regulator wiring harness recall. The invoice states “No Heat. Found Blower Motor Connecting point burnt.” So for some reason they replaced the blower motor and 2 of those recalls had nothing to do with it and charged me for it even though the official BMW recall website ( states “Wiring that overheats could cause the electrical connecters to melt and increase risk of fire.” And when I took it to my normal shop to get this diagnosed, they never mentioned anything about the whole blower motor itself being replaced. Keep in mind that its been close to -40c for the past week and I had no heat blowing so I had no choice but to pay this to get my car back. And to top it all off they had the audacity to quote me for new brake pads and rotors on all 4 brakes (all still have visible pad left and were replaced 18000kms ago) another $843. Then wanted to charge me $350 for a battery but my car was starting in -50c with no problem and was just replaced 14 months ago with a top of the line one. Makes you wonder why people don’t take their cars to the “stealership” anymore…

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