Published 6 months ago

Squealing brakes problem not fixed- cold temperature excuse not holding up

On Oct 31 2018 I paid approximately $400 for brake service at Richmond Hill Toyota for my 2013 Camry Hybrid. The service included replacing rear rotors. The next day, whenever I used the brakes, I heard squealing. The squealing persisted. I returned to Richmond Hill Toyota on Dec 5 to have the squealing problem fixed. The technician re-serviced the rear pads and wrote on the report "cold weather is making brakes hard causing squeak". It is now Feb 6 2019. The brakes continue to squeal. We had relatively warm days on Feb 3rd and 4th. (Above 10 degrees C on the 4th). My brakes continued to squeal. Also if cold weather is causing the squealing, why have I never experienced this in the past and why is my car usually the only one making noise at a red light? I plan to return for an oil change next week, at which time I will raise my concerns regarding the brakes and update this post

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