Published 5 months ago

Buyer beware, worst customer service I have ever seen

Initially the salesman was nice until the contract was signed. If you ask any questions it becomes a problem. He was yelling over the phone, never answered our questions very arrogant. Unprofessional, adding GAP insurance on the contract with no information , he is a sweet talker. Please read the contract and ask questions if you ever decide to buy from him. I would not recommend buying from him. He also sold us a car with a lean on it, when questioned about it he said you can contact your lawyer. Don’t waste your time with this place. It has been a very unpleasant experience.
Omid Fard
Mr Customer ! At Deluxe Motorsports Group, we always care for all customers need and our best top level customer service as you and every one can see our live reviews, however i really dont know whats your problem with us, you did cancel your Gap insurance and we paid you back in full, you asked us if we go bankrupt what is going to happen to you, i seed you better call your lawyer as even i dont know what will happen to your car purchase, all the leased returned cars have lien on them and will take 1 to two months to be removed by original selling dealer and i dont have to disclose it to you, you texts me over 50 times in 4 days asking abut a light bulb that was burned for a $2 cost and so on,,,,,,,,,,,, as i say, i really dont understand your point of giving us such hard time and also bad reviews. people who had experience with Deluxe Motorsports Group and family for last years did add there comets all over the place and your review will not heart us for non sense reason . I, please you to remove your comets as it is not relevant. thank you again .

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