Published 5 months ago

2012 MERCEDES ML 350

Omid, I have looked for a ML350 for over two months on many different sights and found one on auto trader which sent me to Deluxe Motorsports, this is exactly what i was looking for, i thank you for the no sales presure that i have expierenced with other dealers. You know your cars and have alot of fine product to choose from , I like that the price is the price and you don't charge extra for safety etc like other dealers, your place is clean and you are very professional and that's important to me, anyway my car is perfect , clean carproof, no dents or scratches looks like NEW, remember I will be back in a couple of years for another ML400, Thanks Pal you got a good thing going IAN K
Omid Fard
Ian, I don't know how to thank you for all your kind word and positive review also your business and support . I'm very happy that you find the car you love and trust , this is our goal Ian. Thanks again . Enjoy your ML every day :) Deluxe Motorsports Group and family

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