Published 3 months ago

Paid 120.00 and problem wasn’t fixed

Brought my Jeep renegade in to have squealing breaks fixed, and my AC unit is leaking slowly, have had to have it recharged every summer since I’ve owned it, they told me they would recharge it and order the seal, and fix breaks, breaks were not fixed and guess what my AC still blows hot air, they told me they recharged it and were waiting on the oart for it, but they never recharged it... so why did you keep it extra and charge me 120.00 if you didn’t actually fix anything?? So tired of Lloydminsters balogna and I’m off to Vermilion Friday, so grateful we never purchased the vehicle here... what a nightmare, so I’m supposed to leave my vehicle with you on 3 separate occasions? I use my vehicle for work, I do outreach work so I need that exact vehicle, when you tell me you have fixed me up until parts arrive I expect things to be as such....

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