Published 3 months ago

Inconsistency claim email

Please be advised the service centrewas very good but no coordination between sale dep. and service centre! I was called to come to RH Toyota and pick up my car but at the front of serviced cars there was a trailer and just started to unload new cars from factory to dealership.I asked trailer driver to move and let us(me and customer)go but he replied we had to wait 25 minutes till complete offloading that long truck. I went to office to ask somebody help us to go but it was around 8:15p.m and no responsible person there! We waited for more than35 minutes, again driver moved the trailer few metres forward and went to the office and blocked our way to exit. I went to office and told them nobody paid attention to the wrong location of unloading trailer and also nobody apologized (incl. trailer driver!) for such wasting our time. A RH Toyota at sales office that I should tolerate such condition and no way to claim. I am writing this email that behaviour of reception and sales office to overcome this nuisance was not appropriate and in line with Toyota customer care at all and the sales person just wanted to convince me that this is normal condition and talking with me was wasting his time!!! I have photos of this annoying situation and are available if you need them. Thank you for your time and necessary action to avoid such inconsistency in future

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