Published 3 months ago

worst car rental business in place, major changes are required and asset management protocals need tp be implemented- Discount is a shit show.

I've sent an email to jpereira@discountcar.comMay 2nd and have yet to obtain a response. Below are components of the email. I am extremely upset with the level of service and professionalism I received during this transaction. I reserved this vehicle on March 22, over a month before my rental date to ensure a smooth process, including that I receive the truck I requested. I called about 8 times before my reservation to confirm that I receive a cargo van (including less than 16 hours prior to the rental time), and was assured with confidence that there would be no problem. I was extremely diligent in confirming this because a year ago, I came to your location with a reservation and did not get a cargo van as confirmed, but instead was given a cube truck that I; A) had no experience in driving and, B) paid triple the cost in gas. As a result, this time around, I wanted to ensure I received what I booked, giving your company the benefit of the doubt. Upon my arrival at 1749 Bank Street at 7:45am, I was greeted with an unpleasant manager who was not helpful in explaining why there were NO cargo vans available for me. After waiting around for 2 hours, and arguing over the fact, I was brought to another location to receive a cargo van. It was explained that certain forms could not be photocopied and due to that location’s lack of organization, someone had to drive me in the cargo van I was renting to a different location(Clyde) in order to finalize the paperwork. It was nearly 3 hours after when I was finally on the road. This caused me to pay for 3 extra hours for my movers, causing additional conflicts with elevator bookings and pushed my entire move day back which was efficiently planned. As discussed, the drive was to Toronto and back which the employees from the location were aware of. While on the road, the tires were completely misaligned, causing a very stressful and difficult five hour ride to Toronto and back to Ottawa. Furthermore, the entire radio system was not working. Upon my booking, I was assured that I would have Bluetooth services available with your van, at the very least, I expected a reasonable warning so I would have been prepared with alternative phone/GPS charging methods. Your location offered me 30% off the rental, but this is extremely disappointing as I don’t even see it appropriate to have to pay for this rental with all the preventable issues that occurred. I would like to discuss how this can be reimbursed. I paid $63 for the rental and around $200 in gas, along with the extra fees for my movers, and wasted well over 6 additional hours of my time when my rental was supposed to be ready at 8:00am! This also caused additional time stuck in traffic again, due to your inability to appropriately manage your assets. During my unacceptable wait time, I was instructed that I should be understanding as this was ordinary due to the student move period. You must understand that this is the second year in a row that your organization fails to appropriately plan during this period. You should understand that you are a service line in charge of fulfilling a service thus, when high volume periods are expected, you, as an organization are expected to plan and perform accordingly in an effort to minimize conflicts. Please revisit the structure in place to manage your assets both in and out of service. Please let me know when and how this transaction can be reimbursed and rectified. If you would like to discuss further, please contact me directly by replying to this email or at 613-720-6096.

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