Published 4 months ago

Staff were overwhelmed and didn't care

We were able to find the shuttle quite easily upon arrival at the airport. However, it's when we arrived at the office that I noticed how overwhelmed the staff were at all the people coming and going, picking up or returning their rentals. We were upgraded to a brand new SUV for free, but unlike other car rental places I've been to, the agent didn't show us the features of the car or do an inspection with us before handing us the keys and rushing back to the office. We drove from the office to a waterfront restaurant near the airport. When we were leaving, I put the car in reverse, saw that the backup camera was on and took my foot off the brake. To my shock, the car started rolling forward. I quickly put my foot back on the brake and parked the car. I tried this 3x and each time the car rolled forward, which was alarming because we were getting quite close to the water. Anyway, long story short, after numerous calls back and forth between the Discount office and roadside assistance, a tow truck arrived. The driver helped us get out of the spot but he recommended we take the car back to the dealership - this whole process was confusing for us both because we were told by the agent at Discount to call roadside assistance for any problems and roadside assistance told us that they don't take handle car rentals. The tow truck driver followed us back to the office, and we were given another car to drive. It wasn't until the night before we were going to return the car that I realized the agent had given us another person's receipt for the second car that we were given. This receipt had the previous renter's contact details and part of her credit card number. When my cousin told the agent about this upon returning the car, she said the agent didn't seem concerned about it. Another unrelated thing - when I was reserving the car online, I chose an 11 pm drop-off, which I later learned wasn't possible because the office closes at 10. Luckily I called the office a day before I was supposed to return the car to verify the return time and was told that I could return the car at 8 am the next day. Except this person didn't tell his colleagues because the agent my cousin talked to almost charged her a late return fee, which she was able to have waived when she told them about what the other agent said to me. It's like no one in this office knows what each person is doing and they're all doing their own thing. The car was great and it was the cheapest rate I could find, but I'm bothered about getting someone else's receipt. It makes me think if it could happen to her, it could also happen to me.
Customer Care at Discount Car and Truck Rentals
Dear Sir/Madam, We thank you for your feedback and would like to assure you that we do take matters such as this seriously. The Management and Operations team have been notified. You may provide us with your contact information and agreement number to, so that we could assist you further in this regard. Sincerely, Customer Care Discount Car and Truck Rentals

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