Published 11 months ago

Never again

First time financing. This is long and I apologize. My experience was a complete nightmare. Ill start with the 150 point inspection I was told happened before I bought this SUV. I noticed the engine was hot (after ten minutes of driving) service manager came for a drive and I mentioned it to him. He then took the exact other model for a drive and popped the hood (mine was sitting there off the entire time he was gone and was still hotter) he said it didnt seem like it and that it was fine (made me think I was being dramatic) but he told me to come back Monday morning if I needed to (I bought it Friday evening). The very next day (saturday) it started quietly squealing. Sunday hits and I could literally hear crackling under the hood on top of the squealing. I brought it in first thing Monday morning to find out it was a cracked water pump(which was causing the heating of the engine like I had initially thought) and an alternator pulley needed to be replaced (mind you the 150 point inspection shoukd have caught those things) I had to be on the road Tuesday morning at 6 am to meet a deadline in lloyd minister (they all knew I was travelling across Canada with my two young children) thank god I know enough about cars to know something wasnt right before I left. Over the weekend I had went to put my route into the navigation and that wasn't working either. So Tuesday morning I had to bring it in to get diagnosed before I brought it to get everything else fixed, turned out I needed a brand new radio on top of everything else. I missed my deadline which cost me a few hundred dollars due to their mistake(s). The sales guy (Val) was amazing and did what he could to help the situation. He personally drove to grand prairie to get the parts Monday that were needed so they could fix everything that Tuesday. Val also bought me a portable garmin navigator. I was finally able to head out at 730 pm. I drove as long as I could and they paid for a hotel in whitecourt, a part from money lost I made it home. When I finally had time to go through paperwork.. The motor agreement and finance paperwork numbers didnt match ( in their favour). I messaged them and they told me there was a check with the difference made out to me. (which was dated August 22nd, it was September 7th when I contacted them) Im almost certain nothing would have been sent if I didn't let them know I knew. The service manager Kyle contacted me and used the whole "it takes a long time for us to get two signatures etc etc". Little did he know I had a screenshot of the check with two signatures a few days prior. Quite obvious I was not a priority, which is fine but after everything and not being compensated for my time and money lost etc You would think they would be eager to rectify certain situations as soon as possible. Further more, advertised price was 17631 they were suppose to match. Nowhere in the ad was there any other fees advertised. They charged me 10% of 17631. In Ontario all advertised fees should include admin fees. I assumed BC had the same laws. Needless to say I will never deal with this place again.

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