Published 4 months ago

Shipper needs to better understand the legal contract when dropping off an unopened refrigerator

I refused to sign the document indicating that I am responsible for any damage that might have occurred to the fridge but cannot be seen from the outside box. I didn't want the fridge opened as I still needed to move it four steps up to the kitchen level in the house. Better to leave it packed until its near its final location. I called your office after the shippers left. They repeatedly advised me not to worry as should there be any damage to the fridge after I open the box, TA appliance will replace or repair it at no charge. This is in stark contrast to the shipping paperwork and waiver to receive the goods unopened, where I would be responsible. I called your office and we checked with Panasonic who confirmed that only 48 hours from the time of delivery was the allowed grace period should any damage be present. Fortunately the fridge was in good order when I opened the box.

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