Published 5 months ago

damaged dishwasher

My latest experience with TA Appliances is the worst I've ever experienced. After having unsuccessfully waited for two weeks for an ordered dishwasher to arrive, I ended up going to the store to determine its status. First I was told that my order had been canceled. Then I was told that it had arrived just yesterday. Later I was told by the manager that it had actually arrived four days earlier. It seems lying to me was an easy excuse as to why no one had called me. I had decided on the self pick up option at the time of sale but the salesperson, Tony M, didn't explain any conditions that that would entail. I was caught off guard when the dishwasher was brought out, in its packaging, and put on the ground beside my van and I was asked if I wanted to check it. The packaging had no signs of any damage. I assumed that if there was no damage to the packaging then there would be no damage on the inside and so I took it home. The installer came the first weekend, six days later, to put it in. As soon as we cut the plastic and removed the cardboard lid we saw extensive damage on the side panel under a perfectly intact lid. I took pictures of the damage and went immediately to the store. During the week that followed I spoke with customer service and, since they were not able to resolve the issue, I went directly to the store manager, Chris P. Initially he reassured me that he would not "leave me hanging" and that he would get back to me in a couple of days after he contacted the manufacturer. After not hearing from him in four days time I went back to the store and he said there was nothing that he could do because he thought that I was responsible for the damage. Upon closer observation, I saw that the dishwasher showed signs that is was not in as clean a condition as a new product should be. The hoses and the styrofoam platform underneath were quite dirty leading me to think that this dishwasher had been sitting somewhere uncovered for quite some time which might explain when it got damaged. I would not recommend anyone deal with this company; sales personnel look bothered when you ask them questions, customer service can't do anything without the store manager, the store manager can't do anything without customer service and nobody stands behind their products. It's all a big scam! I wish I had done my research and read all the other negative reviews about TA Appliances before going to that store. I recommend people go somewhere else where consumers are valued, where sales personnel look ready to help you and work with you and where the products sold are as advertised.

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