Published 7 months ago

Sales service awesome then downhill from there

- was refused cash sale, needed to take $2,380 loan to ensure Honda's customer satisfaction on safetied and recommended services before purchase made, once sale made seemed to be rushed out July 31st - sold car with only ONE ignition key, not good at all, took two weeks to get replacement with much frustration - went to put in new rubber mats, drivers doesn't fit, was told none in stock for my year so cut it to fit, not good - on my service was told passenger tie rod end was loose, was supposed to have been repaired on Safety, guess not, do I trust other work was done as I didn't get a work order until Dec 30, 2019 when reassured all work was completed. An appointment was made for Jan 8, 2020 to inspect this issue. - Jan 8, 2020 was told the normal movement and was not going to replace, told my mechanics did not know how to check properly, I said I doubt that. - my thought is that because it is on Honda's repair and under warranty this issue has a reduced acceptability so as not to have to redo such work. Once warranty is off and by chance I return to Honda I'll probably be told then it is not acceptable and needs replacing at my cost! Not happy at all with the so called excellent customer satisfaction at Winnipeg Honda nor the Crown Honda family at this time.

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