Published 8 months ago

Tire issue

I had a nail in my tire. I took it to kia, they were nice enough to sell and install a new tire (my car was less than 3 weeks old). I was given a ride to work and left my car there. I called at 4:50, concerned as I needed my car to return home and the service department was closing at 5. I was told my car was ready. I managed to arrange a ride to the dealership and went to pay for tire, I was told on the phone that the tire could not be repaired, but they would give me 15%off. No one had told the girl at the counter, so she had to adjust the bill. I was not offered back my tire with the nail, even though I had asked for it. I called the next morning to request my tire as I wanted a 2nd opinion on if it could be repaired. I was told someone would get back to me, no one ever did.

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