Published 2 weeks ago

Installation tips

It would be helpful if TA would have better installation preparation & tips on the website. Additionally, it would be helpful if the delivery people could at least walk the homeowner thru some steps if there is a problem, instead of just leaving. In my situation, I bought a washer and paid to have the new installed and the old taken away. When the delivery people came, I didn't have the water disconnected from the washer because it was too tight. The delivery people left the new washer in the garage & told me to call a plumber. I arranged for a plumber to come & help with the faucet. When the plumber arrived, he said the faucet didn't need any repairs, it was just tight. The end result was that I had to pay 2 installation charges from TA because they came out to my home twice. Additional help in loosening the faucet either by the delivery staff or additional steps online would have made the experience better.

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