Published 2 weeks ago

Lack of respect

It started out rough when I had to chase you guys for updates, I wouldn’t get the respect of getting a phone call to let me know how the search was going. Then if I did call in to someone they would pass me off to someone else, I’d call frank and he’d say oh did you talk to the manager what ever his name is? And vice versa. There were things that I asked for simple things that did not get done. I asked for a walk through with the mechanic of the vehicle and you gave me frank. Frank did not even know where the alternator was. That was a major let down. That lack of respect has led me to negative reviews across the board and I have yet to get a walk through of the vehicle or maintenance scheduling from anyone at south lake. At this point I am completely finished with south lake not just because of where I live but because of the lack of organization, customer service and management problems that this establishment has.

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