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I bought a 2018 3500 I was told was mint, fully serviced old man owned, they were going to put it through the service dept. Next day stereo doesn't work, so no heat, GPS. Was ignored for 6 months. Then drivetrain went sorry we won't honor warranty as it doesn't have service records. Well I have in writing that it was to have a full Chek up fluid change. In any case a 90000 dollar truck with 80000 k should be running tip top. Stay away from Tyler. Ps he said new stereo was out of the budget and pulled one from a wreck
Gordon Spears
Hello Will, thank you for bringing you concerns to our attention once again. Our records show that you purchased this vehicle on January 12th and that you have put approximately 20,000kms on the vehicle since you purchased it. Our records also indicate that right from the beginning you have had challenges with the infotainment system. This is particularly problematic in this vehicle as if it is not working, you not only lose your audio sources, but also Navigation and heating/cooling controls. Our records show that we immediately addressed your concerns and attempted to repair the head unit. In an attempt to minimize the inconvenience to you, we have sent drivers to North Vancouver from our Mission store to pick it up and return it to you after servicing it, and that we left you with a service loaner. Our service department determined that the OEM recommended a software update, which we performed at no charge. Our records show that after a couple of weeks you again experienced the same problem. We again sent drivers to pick up your vehicle and provide you with a service loaner. When the vehicle returned to our service department, we determined that the best solution would be to replace the head unit with another one. As there was no warranty on this, we offered to pay for a used one or to have you pay the additional amount top get a brand new one. You chose to go with the used one, which we installed at no charge to you. Our records show that in June you began to have problems with the head unit, and we again looked at it. A software upgrade was suggested by the OEM, which we performed and that fixed the problem. A month later, in July, you again had problems. We have discussed your continued issues with the head unit and Pioneer is willing to once again replace the head unit, this time with a brand new one, completely at our cost. We very much value your multiple previous purchases from us and we have been working with you all along the way to help you with this issue. We expect a brand-new head unit to be the end of your problems. Regarding an issue that you are experiencing now with the differential of your vehicle, for your inconvenience with the head unit, Pioneer is going to provide you with a no-charge flush when your vehicle is in the head unit replacement, and although the vehicle does not have a current warranty in place to cover this, it will be provided to you at no charge. Please make arrangements with Tyler to have your brand-new head unit installed and to receive a free rear-end flush. Thank you.

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