Peninsula Ford Lincoln

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Peninsula Ford Lincoln Employees
Your Friends at Peninsula Ford
Marsha Jones
Service Advisor
Your Friends At Peninsula Ford
Brady Houston
Sales Consultant
Mark Askin
Sales Consultant
Lori Lyman
Service Advisor
John Morris
Assistant Service Manager
Richard Hill
Sales Consultant
Scott Davidson
New Car Sales Manager
Corey Feenstra
Sales Consultant
Steve Murley
Service Advisor
Peninsula Ford Bodyshop
Korbin Brown
Sales Consultant
Chris Locking
General Sales Manager
Ryan Carson
General Manager
Grant Voisin
Service Manager
Lee Fisher
Pre Owned Sales Manager
Krista Wismer
Paul Wismer
Fixed Operations
Leah Botrie
Service Advisor
Chris Dewdney
Financial Services
Kayla Bailey
Internal Service Advisor
Sharleen McCarrell
Service Advisor - Owen Sound
Julie Matthews
Appointment Coordinator - Port Elgin
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