Published 5 days ago

Terrible service department, avoid

Wish I could give them zero stars. Ever since my initial purchase of a brand new vehicle in 2018, I have had nothing but problems (ALL were due to the incompetence of the Moncton Honda dealership (service bay) staff and are not a reflection of the actual Honda product which I like and find to be of decent quality). -Initial delivery, they washed my car with what I can only assume was a bag of rocks. Fought with them to get it detailed. Should have been my first clue to return it and run. -They installed the front license plate so poorly one side fell off and scratched the bumper. They had to drill new holes. -Had tires and rims stored there for Winter, they lost them. -Had an MVI done and paid for tire inflation, got my car with 10psi in 3 tires and one with 35psi.... and they charged me for the inflations service they never did! -Had a broken marker light (one THEY broke) replaced (and they tried to bill ME for it). They installed the wheel well plastic back improperly after installing the marker light. Was told it was supposed to be that way and that I am wrong. I compared it to another car on the lot and showed them then they agreed I was right and they had to fix their mistake. -Numerous times I brought the car in for service and they would forget to do some of the work resulting in me having to go in the following day again. -They replaced the A/C condenser due to a recall and broke the clips that hold the front bumper in place. They GLUED my bumper back in place hoping I wouldn't notice. 6 months passes and the glue failed under the heat of the sun and I took it in as it appeared misaligned. They accused me of having taken it somewhere else and insisted I was lying and had an accident and that I was trying to pull a fast one on them. They refused to fix the bumper and so I am now stuck paying the bill for their incompetence. I'll never buy a Honda from them again and am considering abandoning the brand all together. After all the issues I experienced, I don’t trust they know what they are doing when it comes to servicing their own brand of cars. Buyer beware, go somewhere else with your hard-earned cash.

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