Published 3 months ago

Needed help to get a replacement frig

We have shopped at TA for several years the frig we are replacing we purchased there and our refrigeration drawers which are still working fine also. . We had excellent help with purchasing them and and of course our first thought was to return and purchase a replacement frig from TA when our frig stopped working. (it's at least 10 yrs old) And again we received the excellent serve and help again. . We require a 30" frig not common now be it is what works in our kitchen, Bob gave me help to find one that should work It's not the same as My GE Profile but it is what is available now . Great help. Times and everything change and I was glad for his help in finding what we needed. It is built in a cupboard and I'm sure Bob will fine the information we need to make this one work fine. Excellent.

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