Published 8 months ago

Usually good, not this time

Generally I'm pleased with the service, this time as usual the office staff were pleasant. I was coming in for a service, the guy at the front confirmed with me it was just an oil change and once over. They found my filters could use a changing but I opted to do it myself, and nothing else was mentioned. After paying the bill I received my invoice and went out to my car. I'd be fine with the state of any free cleaning if they didn't value it at $20 - they vacumed my front seats and shook out the floor mats - didn't touch the back seats or any of the carpet After reviewing my bill they replaced my windshield wipers and charged $20 and $12 for them - not an issue if I didn't replace them with nicer blades 4 days before the service (they threw away $40 worth of blades) I went back the next day to ask why they were replaced and to recoup the money spent on the blades they threw out, at first I was told I wasnt charged for them, but it was clearly marked as a cost on the invoice and then I was told that I was sold a modified service package (for their winter package) and that they had to replace them to equal the value of the package (It was confirmed at the beginning as just an oil change) They did in the end credit me with the wipers they threw out but not without the arguing and attitude from them
Jessica Cheadle
Hi Chris! Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. We take full responsibility for the mistake we made when we were writing up your paperwork. At Murray Kia, honesty and transparency are extremely important to us, as well our customers being 100% satisfied. We hope to have resolved the issue with providing you with a credit to cover the cost of the removed wiper blades. We look forward to you returning to Murray Kia in the future for a chance to turn your experience into a positive one.

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