Published 2 months ago

WORST service center in and around Red Deer

This is the absolute WORST service center I've ever experienced!! They held my vehicle for 10 days to order a part I didn't even NEED and then told me to just keep checking the coolant every so often because they couldn't find the actual problem with my car heating!!! None of their mechanics have a clue about anything to do with a 2009 mazda cx-9 apparently!! Just complete ignorance and had the audacity to charge me $1400 for them to hold my car and not fix a damn thing! Don't ever use these people for car servicing - they know literally nothing and will charge you out the ass with nothing to show! Car is still blowing ice cold air and the coolant level is fine by the way. Thanks for absolutely nothing Gary Moe Mazda Red Deer - and for totally robbing me when I actually could not afford your screw up. I wish I could give zero stars cause they don't deserve even one.

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