Published 3 years ago

Nataly Vu-Le has provided a top-notched quality of customer service.

While stretching for months in 2018 searching for a new vehicle that meets my need I was fortunate to find Nataly Vu Le of Myers Orleans Nissan. She was paying attention to every detail on the wish list from both the technical specifications to the pricing of the kind of vehicle I was looking for. As a result I was able to afford a Nissan Rogue with which I am happy to drive today on the road with no issue. The purchasing process went so smoothly such that essentially I didn't have to do anything but setting a date of getting the car key to own the vehicle. I also found staff at Myers Orleans Nissan was very friendly and helpful. The dealership area from showroom to parts and services waiting area is very clean, bright and well organized that I felt very comfortable browsing around. Nataly's customer care has not stopped when I drove my newly purchased Rogue off the dealership parking but continued till these days 2021 with numerous helps and advices clearly to the points whenever I need. I ranked her the best sale associate to date and will certainly make a request for her service again come time to buy my next vehicle at my now favorite Myers Orleans Nissan.

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