Published 2 months ago

Easy and exciting

So my friend took me into about Bell auto To see how much Money I will get toward my loan if I traded in my car I wasn’t really sure that I was going to trade in my car I honestly just wanted to see how much I can get for it. My friend introduced me to a sales rep named Danny he was awesome first thing I noticed was his appearance he was very well-kept had a great smile. Danny was ready to help and not in that weird way where sales reps are trying to get a sale he seemed really chill . I looked around and noticed all of the staff look pretty good in everybody seem to be in a great mood so it put me at ease. Danny told me to look around the show room to see if there’s anything I like. Me and my friend started looking at cars when I was done I went into Danny’s office with a Few options . 10 minutes later I was approved for a vehicle I told him let me think about it and I’ll come back with a deposit. I decided to go with Mercedes GLC 300 I was super excited and tell Danny this is my car he agreed and he got me into my new car in the same week I was excited I got exactly what I wanted and needed for my lifestyle. Overall I just felt Danny really cared about what I wanted and he did his best to help. He also followed up with me a week later just to check in on the vehicle and see how I like it I really feel that my first time experience at Bell auto was a great experience I definitely will be going back to them if I ever need their help and I also would recommend my friends and family

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