Published 2 weeks ago

I would appreciate it when I make an appointment at a specific time that it is adhered to.

I made an appointment for 11:00 am. I was granted a rental car for the time I was told it would take to perform the work. When I returned after 2 hours, the time I was told it should be ready, my car had not yet been touched. When I inquired about this issue I was told that it would be worked on immediately in which it was. I was told that my car would be dropped off at my home in which it was a few hours later. Overall the work was done and I appreciate that my car was delivered. In the future I would hope that when I am told the details of the service that it is honoured.
Dale Catherine Sheppard
HI Terry, we are sorry to hear there was an issue with the timing of your appointment, our Operations Manager Mike Kellam will reach out to you to make things right. thank you, the Gan Chev Team!

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