Published 9 months ago

Think twice before going to this dealer to buy a car

I visited this dealer May 2022 to buy a new Toyota Sienna. The salesman I spoke to told me that I had to wait 12 months to be able to get the new Sienna. This was the period their manager told them that exact day. He told me that this period could take up to 15 months. Nevertheless, I accepted and left after paying a $500 deposit. Yes, today exactly it has been 15 months since that day and, do you know what happened in this period? Nothing. I was neither called once nor informed in any way. When I contacted them to ask about my order, maybe at that time they realized that such a person was in the car queue. They told me that I had to wait about another 18 months for the car, as if I hadn't waited for the delivery time they promised. Their only explanation was it is a global issue. So, I told him that I was in the US just last week and there weren’t any problems, that everyone could go to the Toyota dealer and get the car they wanted right away. This time he told me Toyota is following a very different policy in the US than in Canada. Then I told him some people who ordered another car after me already got their cars and how that was possible, he couldn't give me a proper answer. As a result, when I said they told me to wait 15 months for this car, but didn't keep your promise, this time he told me that the salesman gets a bonus every time they sell a car, so that salesman lied to us. That person is not working there anymore, and it is very easy to blame any body who is not there. How I can know that the manager didn’t make them to say that time. So according to him everyone but the manager and the company is at fault, and the manager and the company did nothing wrong at all. This company stole at least 15 months from me. If they had told me that I had to wait 2.5 years for the car when I went to them 15 months ago, I would have gone to another Toyota dealer that would keep their promise or maybe I would leave Toyota, which I hadn't given up for 17 years, and buy a different brand of car. I'm sharing my bad experience here because I don't think it's possible to do business with such a dishonest and insincere company where there are many lies, who stole my 15 months. I also got my deposit back and let them know I would never be doing business with them again. Now I'm looking for a trustworthy Toyota dealer to buy a new car.

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