Published 2 months ago

My 1st service experience was not as good as i was promised when i bought the truck

when i bought the new truck the sales person promised free 1st service and free car washes : but when i went for my service - i was informed that it wasn't free and i had to talk to 2-3 different staff and finally one helpful sales staff told me that the sales person who sold me the truck was no longer there. I had to then wait for a while to speak to the sales manager and he thank fully did waive the service fee. Not that it was too big a deal but i was also informed that free car washes were no longer offered unlike what was informed to me when i got the truck. Once the truck was taken in the service was done as per regular time and service staff was very polite but frankly the negative upfront experience to get the fee waived off overshadowed that a bit.
Meghan Stewart
Hi Regan, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this helpful feedback. I am sorry this was your experience. I am happy to hear you were able to have your issue resolved in the end. If you would like to reach out to me personally, I would love to discuss this further to ensure this doesn't happen again moving forward.

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